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Boys Sport Themed Bedroom


Yesterday I showed you our Daughters new bedroom and so today i'll show you our Sons.
Right now he is really into sports *and so is my husband* so we thought we would decorate the room 'generically' and add sport themed accents so when or if he changes his mind it is easily changable. Very important, becuase he is still so little.

I painted white stripes on this one grey (Martha's Grey Wolf) wall, mainly for interest.
We were also given this bed & frame from D's grandfathers house that was in great shape but it was white with pink flowers. I fixed that with navy blue spray paint and now it looks great.
The Bedding is from Homesense as well as the Baseball lamp.
I made the art on the wall for his last bedroom and we also replaced all the old trim as well.

This is what you see when you walk in. I didn't intentionally buy these curtains short, that was a happy accident. Once I had them up I realized it was a good thing. I feel like it just suits the room.

This dresser was also a grandfather hand-me-down. Solid wood and excellent shape, but I spruced it up with green paint *Lucas chose* and new modern hardware.
The 'art' in the frames are sport pictures actually from a large coloring book. I colored them and made them easily interchangable.
I made the hanging banner from cardstock & some fabric remnants and it is my favorite part of the room!

This nook is behind his bedroom door. Eventually as he gets older we will build a desk he can use for homework, but right now it is more useful to have a reading corner.
I found this little sofa chair at a garage sale for $5 and put a little cushion on the floor so his sister can join him!

Last but not least, I wanted to show you this star with frames. They are supposed to have his name in the frames but alas I haven't found time to pull out my cricket and make them, YET!

We are really happy with how his room turned out and think he will love it for years to come!

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