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A Little Princess Room


We recently decided to move our 'Baby' girl, who is no longer a baby downstairs!
This was a hard decision but was worth it in the end. Our basement isn't really a basement at all but actually half above ground in our bi-level bungalow. So everyone who thinks we are crazy, she is actually only a few stairs away. We moved our son down when we first had Brooklynn and it only made sense to move her as well before we have another... one day. 
Anyhow, I wanted to show everyone her new room that we just love. I chose to go with a color scheme I thought she could easily grow with.
Blue, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Orange and of course White
It still isn't quite finished, but done enough to show. We painted the walls light blue and replaced the old trim with new modern 3" white ones.
She officially graduated to a toddler bed *which she loves and stays in! yay!* But we did end up moving our nursery rocking chair down, because she still likes to be held before bed, but thats not permanent.
I placed 2 large pink boxes at the end of the bed as a sort of toy box for all her stuffies.
I made these tissue pom-poms that used to be a craze on Pinterest, because well,  I still love the look. I also made some floating butterflys to hang in them for interest.
I had this old metal piece from upstairs and decided to spray paint it pink and hang her name from it.
I'm still not sure how I feel about it, so it may or may not stay. But for now it gets the job done!

I bought this old chandelier from a neighbors garage sale for $1, well technically I got it free but thats a long story, so it was an awesome score. I spray painted it pink and added back only a few of the gems, but with the little daisies, I think it is perfect for her little room.

The mirror and vanity were mine from when I was young but were a dark metal. We chose to spray them White to look more current. Obviously the dresser isn't done yet, I will be painting that white as well and have some new cute hardware.

This hanging curtain is from my mother-in-law who ordered it from an antique store and it is made from vintage lace. Eventually when we put her in a normal size bed I will hang it above that, but for now, it hangs around the mirror giving it a very princess'y' feel.
So this is our daughters 'toddler' size princess room and I hope you enjoyed the little tour. I have a few updates I will make soon and post about later! Also stay tuned for the tour of Lucas' new sport themed room which is adorable.

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