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Stylish Booster Seat


I made these adorable *and washable* booster seats for the kiddos this week and thought I'd share how I did it. 

You will need:

3  - 2" x 12" x 12" high density foam sqaures 
(I purchased mine from walmart for $2 each)
2 - co-ordinating materials of your choice

I chose to make mine using outdoor fabric because it is more thick, durable and wipe-able (is that a word?) than regular fabric. I've also seen some booster seats made with felt-backed plastic table cloths that you could get from the dollarstore. That would be the most inexpensive way to go, but I used remnants from my blinds I made recently so they would coordinate with my dining room.


1 - 13" x 13" (top)
2 - 8" x 13" (bottom)
1 - 50" x 7" (sides)

First take your 2, 8 x 13's and do a 1/4" hem on one 13" side. Set them aside.

Stack your 3 foam squares nicely then pull your side material around the outside right side down and pin tightly. take off and sew along pins. Put it back around the foam squares when done.

Starting with the 13 x 13, lay it face down on top making sure its centered. Pin, starting in the middle and working your way out, making sure it stays straight, smooth and taught.

When you come to the corner make sure it is tucked in to give it a squared-off edge in the end.

Gently remove from the foam and sew along your pins as a guide. Repeat this process with your two remaining pieces on the bottom, overlapping them 3" in the middle.

Very gently remove the foam again and sew. This will leave you with this shell, with an envelope opening! I found it only took me half and hour to make one and had enough material to make two, yay!
Simple as that!

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