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Re-visit to an old project

Let's take a trip back on memory lane... to the time we finished thought we finished our entrance way. My hubs tore out the front hall closet and built an awesome bench. We even covered up the old linoleum with new pretty tile. I decorated a little and thought, this is great. DONE!

Almost a year later, after completing one whole room start to finish (our office/craft room that I'll post soon), exactly how we want it, I've realized the error of my ways. Although I do love what we did still, it can use some new touches.

I made some simple art with frames I got in clearance at Home Outfitters. My butterfly specemin art was inspired by Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute Love her ideas and country chic style!

Anyhow these are NOT an issue. Still love them and can easily change the inners whenever I want.

My clock was from Home Outfitters as well, (It doesn't actually work. SHHHH don't tell anyone) I got a discount because it was broken. I bought it anyway becuase it had the look I wanted and I loved it. Telling time is over-rated anyhow!

First and foremost, we must change the trim. We've chosen a 3" simple flat white board for the whole house. I have to, have to, have to, get rid of all the dated Oak in my home!

Next is painting the front door and getting new door hardware. Then replacing the ugly art behind the door. What was I thinking? Hubs didn't even stop me, this ones on him! We also want to put up a pretty country looking screen door this summer. Air conditioning just isn't feasible for us Calgarians but lets be honest, it does get hot for 2 weeks a year and some air flow would be nice.

Step three will be painting out the railing. White or dark brown...that remains to be seen. But I can't wait for the change! Long term I will replace my giant flower picture, hopefullly with something more light and airy. Finally, and in my opinion the most important thing... the chandelier. You can only see a snippet of it here, but I can assure you, it is horrendous. Straight from the mid-90's. Not a good time for design, in my opinion.

 I'm a list maker and sometimes I have to just make a list for myself to motivate Darren me to get things done. I'll post the new pictures when we're done and Happy Monday!

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