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Phone Station Organization!

I did this a while back, but thought it was worth sharing with ya'll. I went through a period, probably like most people, where our kitchen counter was a disaster. A dumping ground for everything! I solved the problem like this:

1. The first issue was having no place for pocket change and other random paraphenalia one manages to collect during the day. I addressed this issue with these fabulous vintage tart tins I found at my favorite shop in Calgary, Cozy Cottage Interiors. At $3 a pop I had a really hard time buying them, but alas I couldn't leave the store without them. Plus they are adorable and very practical. One is for change, one for all D's metal bits and pieces, the last one I use for elastics and bobbypins. I always find at the end of the day when I'm cooking dinner that I want to put my hair up, so it is quite convenient for me.

2. We had to have a place for mail. This white wooden tray from Homesense at $6 was perfect. It easily fits envelopes, dvd rentals AND my lovely mug that holds pens and pencils.
3. Last but not least I needed something to corral it all AND to make it beautiful of course. The large tray I found at Homesense and fell in love with. It is what inspired me to do this, its large size and vintage look were perfect. I added a few other little touches like a cute white egg cup with some white roses and a small yellow pottery dish for our keys. There is still room to spare for cell phones, my camera, and D's wallet.

Large tray $12
small tray $6
tart tins $9
egg cup $2
cup and dish $2
GRAND TOTAL = $31 + A whole lot of sanity!

Let me know what works for you?!

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